" I look forward to my lessons with Shannon.  After years of working on my voice, I am finally beginning to see it bloom, as layers of weak technique begin to shed off.  Shannon has a great ear, listening to every nuance of the voice, working towards vibrancy, resonance, clear diction, beautiful legato lines, agility, suppleness and youthfulness in the voice.  She is highly creative in her approach to teaching, using imagery (that she makes up on the spot) to guide you as you are trying to achieve a certain outcome.  She is cheerful and wonderful to work with."

-- Leah Sigal, current student

" Our daughter Abbey loved to sing but wasn't very proficient at it until she began studying with Shannon in 6th grade.  Shannon did an amazing job teaching and inspiring Abbey for over seven year.  Now she is a sophomore at Smith College in Massachusetts., majoring in English and Creative Writing, with a very serious minor in classical voice.  The college thought so highly of her singing that they awarded her a partial music scholarship to help pay for her private lessons. Shannon was a great teacher and mentor to Abbey all along the way, as she attended two summer residential music programs at Manhattan School of Music, and prepared- under Shannon's tutelage- for a full 45 minute private recital at the end of her junior year of high school where she sang classical pieces in German, English, Italian, and French, all from memory. You can see her recital on youtube.  We are so grateful!"

-- Betsy and Steven Bavaria, parents of former student